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Advanced Academics in Miami, Florida

Give your children the building blocks for a prestigious career with advanced academics from the professional staff at Sunflowers Academy in Miami, Florida. We offer a widespread selection of comprehensive morning and after school care, as well as educational programs. Our academic program is in tune and designed to meet the needs of our students and how they learn.
We integrate technology into the programs with a variety of methods, including the Smart Board™. Smart Board gives access to a whole global network of information at the touch of a button. As an interactive tool, the students and teachers may access the system together for global learning, international student exchange learning, and webinars.
The New Generation State Standards serves as the basis for our curriculum. These are the required goals for all the students in the State of Florida. They provide a guideline for us to ensure that the students are acquiring the mandated skills at each grade level.
By working with these goals throughout the school year, we ensure that each student has the opportunity to engage in educational experiences in academics, arts, and physical fitness. You may obtain a copy of the state standards for kindergarten through eighth grade from the Florida department of education at
Special Programs

Title 1 students who have been recommended for our services must obtain a parental consent form to attend from 3:15p.m. to 4:00p.m and 4:05p.m. to 4:45p.m. For advanced or gifted students, the administration places students in advanced classes based on ITBS (Iowa Tests of Basic Skills) scores and teacher recommendations. Some programs offered may represent an additional cost to the parent. Eligibility for the preparatory school program requires:

  • Administration Approval
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • High-Level Standardized Scores
  • Assessments Provided by an Outside-Certified Clinical Psychologist
To request more information on our advanced academic programs, please contact Sunflowers Academy in Miami, Florida.