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The Children's Trust


Sunflowers Academy offers convenience to parents by offering after school services, spring, winter and summer camp. Our after school hours services are sponsored by The Children's Trust.


In the late 1980s, recognizing that the needs of children in Miami-Dade County far exceeded the resources and support systems available, a cadre of committed individuals spearheaded a drive to address the problem. Using a Florida statute that allowed for such an initiative, the group generated a two-part referendum in 1988. Voters overwhelmingly recognized the need to help area children, but declined to fund the remedy through tax revenues.

 A Commitment to Collaboration, Accountability and Results 

The Children's Trust, our staff and 33-member board remain committed to funding programs that offer the highest possible quality services, with the goals of implementing best practices and improving the lives of children and families in our community. Beginning in 2013 and over many months of 2014, The Trust, together with our board and with public input, generated the 2014 Strategic Plan. The revised plan maintains our funding focus on core programs while adding emphasis on collaboration and meeting the needs of the "whole child."