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Online Grade Book

We at Sunflowers Academy are pleased to now have our online gradebook activated so that you can view the grades and progress of your children. Click on the sign in below for webpage and one icons for mobile devies and it  takes you directly to the login page. For more information please visit the main office or Mr. Jamal Swain by e-mail at itadmin@sunflowersacademyprep.com for assistance with login access.


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Teacher & Staff E-Mail addresses :

Arcadia Academy

Kinder - lazara.contreras@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Grade 1 -  marbella.delrio@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Grade 2 - dalines.muniz@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Grade 3  -  laura.castineiras@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Physical Education K - 2 yamilet.trujillo@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Administrator/ After School Coordinator - laura.ferrari@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Office Manager -  olga.garcia@sunflowersacademyprep.com 


Sunflowers Academy

K-1 mavin.perdomo@sunflowersacademyprep.com

K-2 caitlyn.dellamico@sunflowersacademyprep.com

1-1 madelin.garcia@sunflowersacademyprep.com

2nd marta.arguello@sunflowersacademyprep.com

3-1 mercedes.sosa@sunflowersacademyprep.com

3-2 margarita.oropeza@sunflowersacademyprep.com

4-1 agustina.bernardo@sunflowersacademyprep.com

4-2 karin.loddi@sunflowersacademyprep.com 

5-1 sandra.cabrera@sunflowersacademyprep.com

5-2 julie.garcia@sunflowersacademyprep.com 

6th joel.medinarosa@sunflowersacademyprep.com

7-1 jose.torres@sunflowersacademyprep.com

7-2 xiomara.cabrera@sunflowersacdemyprep.com

8th don.stanley@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Spanish/Math Tutor  rolando.valera@sunflowersacademyprep.com 

Discipline Coordinator Mr. Jamal  itadmin@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Physical Education K - 2 yamilet.trujillo@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Physical Education 3 - 8 christopher.ventura@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Office Manager Maria Amenerio maria.amenerio@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Dean of Students/ After School Director/ Dean of Faculty Mr. Diaz lucas.diaz-atala@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Administrator Ms C. Martinez cristina.martinez@sunflowersacademyprep.com

After School Coordinator Ms Panta andrea.panta@sunflowersacademyprep.com

Principal Dr. Ventura principal@sunflowersacademyprep.com

General Director Ms. Adan generaldirector@sunflowersacademyprep.com